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kairukashi [userpic]

WIP Meme

December 21st, 2009 (04:02 pm)

Writing Meme: Where I post snippets of all the WIPs I can find :D. Enjoy!

Stories hereCollapse )

kairukashi [userpic]

Jedi Apprentice: Inspiration Excersize

March 5th, 2009 (01:28 pm)

A/N: I’ve been trying for days to get my creative juices flowing enough to write some Jedi Apprentice fan fiction, and it hasn’t been working. So, I’m resorting to the old stand-by: Turn on iTunes, his play, and see what happens.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the songs and I don’t own the Jedi. I’m just not that talented.

Summary: Ten song inspired Jedi drabbles. Fluffy Qui-and-Obi non-slash.

Songs of the Heart
By: Reggie

Some Very Short Stories Lie WaitingCollapse )

kairukashi [userpic]

Sayuri Bio

December 27th, 2008 (01:19 pm)
current song: Livin' On A Prayer ~ Bon Jovi

kita_the_spaz  did one for her character Shimo...so I decided I wanted to make one for Sayuri too. It's always a good thing to have, don't you think? Feel free to use it for anything you want to make me with Sayuri in it ;) (j/k j/k...kinda.)

Hatake Sayuri

Parents: Hatake Kakashi (Father) and Umino Iruka (Daddy)


Age:    12 (although she's fairly similar all ages...^^; )

Hair:    Red-brown, kept short, always wild with a cow-lick leaning towards the left.

Eyes:   Also red-brown, but more red then brown.

Weight:           95 lbs (43 kg)

Height:            4.9" (149.35 cms)

Identifying marks:      A mole on the bottom of her left foot, and one behind her right ear.

Likes:  Playing tricks, training, cookies, miso soup, following her Oniichan around.

Dislikes: Being protected, being told no, pork, candy, Jiraiya

Fears:  Disappointing those she cares about. Bugs. 

Attire:  Sayuri always wears clothes that are too big for her, usually blues and blacks. She always has something with the symbol for ocean on it, either her shirt or the locket her Oniichan gave her when she was six. She also has a blue jacket with a henohenomoheji on it that her father made for her.

Summons: She desperatly wants to learn to summon ninken of her own, but her father is always telling her she is to young. Bull is her constant companion and self-appointed gaurdian.

Skills: Extremely skilled at genjutsu, even from a very young age. Slightly above-average chakra reserves for someone her age, but not the highest. Strong in taijutsu, but not nearly as skilled in regular ninjutsu. 

Personality: Headstrong and a rebel at heart, Sayuri is constantly the center of trouble. Though she isn't mean spirited at all, she's unhappy without something going on, and often takes it on herself to create chaos. She is a master of the innocent look that gets her out of trouble with everyone but those close to her, which tends to make her a little spoiled.

Even though she is horribly stubborn and gets angry when things don't go the way she wants them to, Sayuri is also incredibly loyal. It is difficult to gain her trust, but once you do she is as faithful a friend as anyone could ask. Like Naruto, she seems to have no fear that she will not overcome when she has to, and she is more than willing to lay down her life for her friends and family if she needs to-- though she will not go down easily!

Being who she is-- daughter of Rokudaime Hokage, the Princess of the Blue Isles, "younger sister" of the Kyuubi-- she and her team (her Jounin sensei is Konohamaru) are not allowed to leave the village walls. This is her greatest frustration in life.

kairukashi [userpic]

Writer Seeking Collabers

December 26th, 2008 (12:01 pm)
current location: Home
current song: White Horse ~ Taylor Swift

I have a story idea that I think NEEDS to be a graphic novel! I could write it as a regular story, but I think this one is so much better.

I'm looking for people willing to put out approximately 15-18 pages every two weeks, like an actual manga release. Ideally, it would be every week, but I understand we're students and not full time comic artists. I CANNOT PAY ANYONE, so this is mostly for building your portfolio.

What I need for this project is a pencil artist, an inker, and a letterer.

If you are interested in any of these positions, contact me for further details either via note here, or by e-mailing me at either beeppedersen at hotmail dot com or kairukashi at yahoo dot com. Please be sure to remember to include something about a graphic novel in your subject, or I'm liable to miss it.

Thanks guys, and I hope to hear from a whole bunch of you!

kairukashi [userpic]

Writer's Block: Top Dog

December 14th, 2008 (04:36 pm)

What kind of dog (counting mixes and mutts) gets your vote as the champion of dogs?
Reggie votes the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Sweet, warm, friendly, and cuddly. Best dog ever.

kairukashi [userpic]

Song Meme....contest....thing...

December 11th, 2008 (06:31 pm)
current song: Better Days ~ Goo Goo Dolls

Stole this from

gossamerstarsxx . Because it sounded like fun, and I need something fun to do.

I warn you though, my roommate has compared listening to my music to listening to the local country station :D. What can I say? I'm a country girl.

*Also featuring Soundtracks!*

So, basically, what I'm going to do is give you the first line of 20 songs from my iPod (I'm just going to shuffle it and take what 20 songs come up). You guess the song, and no cheating by using Google or something like that .

Band/artist name OR song name OR album (or all three) are fine.

You can guess up to five songs, and get five drabbles.

Request Rules:
1) I'll take Avatar, TMNT, Naruto, Thunderbirds, National Treasure, Harry Potter...or any fandom I have but have forgotten. I'm cool with most pairings (excluding incest or teacher/student) but definitly more skilled at the ones I do often than others.
2) Nothing above a PG-13 rating. I just...don't. Sorry guys.
3) Any KakaIru requests will be shared with the class. Just so you know.
4) Anyone that guesses #5 automatically gets two requests, because that one is rather obscure.

The Music Is This'm WayCollapse )

Random note: 6, 10, 13, 18, and 20 are all on my KakaIru playlist :D.

kairukashi [userpic]

Christmas Festival: Day 4: Pajamas

December 4th, 2008 (11:01 pm)

Title: Christmas with the Hatakes (4/25)
Author: Reggie (kairukashi, ode2sokka, Princess Tyler Briefs...among other such names)
Genre: Festival fluff!
Rating: G
Word count: 957

Now that we’ve had fun with Kakashi, let’s add Naruto and Iruka to the mix! Sorry this is so short, I kind of ran out of time. I had more to say, but all of it had spoilers to Kingdom of Secrets and I AM going to finish that so I didn’t want them here.

I are so tired...Collapse )

kairukashi [userpic]

The Story of My Life

December 4th, 2008 (03:05 pm)

I had to do a creative non-fiction piece for one of my classes. Then I figured I might as well put it up here, see if anyone has any opinions on it (they would be greatly appreciated).

My life, Summer 2005-Winter 2005Collapse )

kairukashi [userpic]

Christmas Festival: Day 3: Gingerbread

December 3rd, 2008 (10:41 pm)

Title: Christmas with the Hatakes (3/25)
Author: Reggie (kairukashi, ode2sokka, Princess Tyler Briefs...among other such names)
Genre: Festival fluff!
Rating: G
Word count: 1,212

More fun with Sayuri and Kakashi, yay!

The recipe is for ‘Nauvoo Gingerbread Cookies’, technically, but I think all the good recipes are about the same. I haven’t tried it personally, because I’m a terrible cook, but it sounds good. You really can substitute the lard for shortening, by the way. I checked.

Stop it, 'Kashi, you're makin' me hungryCollapse )

kairukashi [userpic]

Christmas with the Hatakes: Day 2: Lights

December 2nd, 2008 (02:56 pm)
current location: OSH
current song: This Christmas ~ Gloria Estefan

Title: Christmas with the Hatakes
Author: Reggie (kairukashi, ode2sokka, Princess Tyler Briefs...among other such names)
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: KakaIru
Genre: Festival fluff!
Rating: G
Word count: 1,179

I'm glad you all like what you saw of Sayuri, and hopefully you will continue to do so :D

Beware the cheesy fluff!Collapse )

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